Ratings transferred when in manual sync mode?

I am currently trying to clean up my 3800 songs in iTunes so that I can make better use of the smart playlists. Cleaning up wack genre listings from CDDB and adding ratings is tops on my lists. If i'm using manual sync mode and I rate a song on my iPod will this update iTunes or do I have to be in auto sync?

by BigFil on Mar 05, 04 | 12:28 pm


I believe you'll need to use one of the two auto-sync modes.

by dfbills on Mar 05, 04 | 6:02 pm

Try Doug's AppleScripts (www.malcolmadams.com/itunes/index.php - look under iPod). There are a couple of scripts that let you sync data (ratings, play count) even when manually synching.

by feaverthe on Mar 05, 04 | 11:25 pm

If I am using multiple IPODs with a single computer, and which "Rating" over-writes the other rating?

For example if IPOD#1 rates a song 5 stars and then it syncs with itunes, what happens when IPOD#2 then syncs with ITUNES. Does IPOD#2 (which has no rating for that song) over-write ITunes, or does the ITunes over-write IPOD#2's rating of that song?

by jofo on Oct 25, 05 | 12:19 am

Whichever iPod rating was done most recently should take precedent. . . .

by Scott on Oct 26, 05 | 11:12 am

in my experience so far, if itunes's data has been changed since the last ipod sync, the itunes data is used. so with two i would think #1's rating would be used because that would become "new" itunes data because it was added after the last #2 sync.

by chromo on Oct 27, 05 | 10:45 am

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