120 gigs of music?

hello everyone. I just got me a new ipod photo a week ago and I need help with itunes. I have alot of music (ex dj) and I want to know the best way to add it to itunes.

I have 120 gigs of music most of it is full cd rips and alot of it is tagged but not all of it. At 1st I was only going to put songs that I like in my ipod but this is taking a long time and im not getting alot of music on it, I have a 40gig.

Do you think I should just all of my music to itunes and then just go and check the songs and cds I want or do you think I should just keep adding singles.

The bad part about adding all my music is when I bet to cds that are not tagged I'm not going to know what it is. please help and some tips on making playlist would help too

thanks all

by yellowmello on Jan 15, 05 | 5:23 am


before i add anything into iTunes i make sure i have proper ID3 tags. if you use windows, check out the programs Tag & Rename (a batch tag editor) and MusicBrainz (analyzes the audio info and compares it to a database.) Both programs can be a little difficult to use at first but once you figure them out, they are quite handy.

by jimbolla on Feb 10, 05 | 10:32 am

120GB is quite the collection. jimbolla is right, don't add anything to iTunes unless it has proper tags. But more specifically, don't add it to iTunes when iTunes is set to 'manage' your library (Preferences:Keep iTunes Music folder organized).

If you have that checked, iTunes will rename the files. I'm assuming that tracks that don't have tags are named properly. Find a script that will tag them for you.

Then make sure you have a backup!

by David Peterson on Mar 04, 05 | 11:36 pm

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