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Most of the time, I only import the songs I like from an album and not the whole CD.

To keep the number of "albums" I have down, I type in "Singles" as the album title in the tracks that aren't in a whole album in my iTunes library. That way, I can see which full albums I have and the number of albums I have is correct.

by chocolatelolly on Sep 08 | 12:41 pm


If you're on a mac, you might want to check Doug Adams' new applescript out:


"This script will collect the "one-hit wonders" in your iTunes or iPod library—every track whose artist is represented by just a single track—and copy them to their own playlist on the respective Source."

by dfbills on Sep 08 | 12:44 pm

I have done something similar, but I changed the name of the album to "No Album".
I did it so I could easily see the difference between those tracks I still have to fill in the Album name and those who I already checked.
The problem with this approach is that the shuffle mode does not work correctly I think. Because you imaginary have a huge CD with much tracks.
I don't have my iPod so long so I could be wrong but I'm thinking of renaming all my "no album" albums and leave the field blank. In the hope that this makes the shuffle works correctly.

by Alfa147 on Jan 31 | 6:59 am

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