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You know the feeling: You bought a new heavy rock album, and it just can't cope with anything Black Sabbath made in the Good Old Days.

There are a couple of good tracks (which lured you into buying the album) but the rest is mediocre stuff.

So, my favorite Smart Playlist is:

Genre - contains - Heavy Rock
My Rating - is greater than - ***

This way Soundgarden, Corrosion of Conformity or Mannhai don't have to feel ashamed of the company they're jammin' with. (I put them all under "heavy rock" category. They are rock and they're heavy. That's accurate enough to me.)

Not to mention, that I don't have to hear any lesser-than-ingenious tracks by Black Sabbath every time I want to listen to some heavy rock. No more "FX"!

Dave adds: This is a good example of combing the use of genre tags and ratings to create great personalized playlists.

by dogma00 on Oct 14 | 5:26 am


I agree. I also use "Heavy Rock" as a genre.

When I see it as appropriate, and, more importantly, can be used in filtering, I will modify a supplied genre name.

by japester on Dec 04 | 9:39 pm

I've thought up a new playlist based in part on your design:

Match -> all -> conditions:
Genre -> is -> Hard Rock
Play Count -> is less than -> 4
Limit to -> 1 -> hours -> selected by -> random

I've called it "One Hour of Power". I've selected those tracks not played as often so that I can rediscover them.

by japester on Dec 06 | 7:45 am

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