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There was a thread a while ago about whether ratings changes were saved or lost when the iPod reboots (after having made changes and before connecting to your computer).

The answer should be "yes", and depending on which updaters you've installed it may be "yes", but there's a bug in the recent updaters that causes rating, last played information, and user setting to get lost if the iPod reboots. This bug is discussed extensively on Apple's Discussion Boards

The bug only occurs if you go about 36 hours between iPod uses without connecting to your computer.

by davepmiller on Mar 11 | 8:00 am


Yeah, this is the unfortunate problem of using linux ipod. If i want to use any linux features I have to decide whether or not i want to compromise any data which has recently been collected. I'm hoping linux ipod will go under some serious developement soon so that it can become the only needed firmware on the iPod.
I'm sure this will take a great many years though, especially if Apple keeps making their latest iPods not work for linux (whether that's intentional or not).

by genEric on Mar 12 | 2:15 pm

I'm not clear on the linux connection, but just to be clear, I think this is an issue with all operating systems. My particular issue is with XP.

Somebody on Apple Discussions did come up with an ingenious fix. He sets an alarm to play a blank playlist every 24 hours. It works like a charm to make sure the iPod is never out of use for 36 hours.

by davepmiller on Mar 12 | 3:19 pm

I have had the same issue. I tried the "alarm playlist" solution and that seemed to fix the problem for a while (a few months actually), then today it happened again! I rated all my Radiohead tunes throughout the day, but when I plugged my ipod into my computer, the ratings were lost. Very frustrating.

I think I may have changed a few ratings on itunes before I plugged in my ipod. Do you think this could have caused some sort of conflict and it just dropped all the ratings from the ipod?

Windows XP, 4th gen ipod 40 gb.

Mike D

by Mike D on Sep 14 | 9:28 pm

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