CDDB When Not Connected

Smart Playlists
If you rip tracks and can't access CDDB at the time, you can make a playlist to keep these tracks in, so whenever you do have internet access you can get the track and CD names.

Create a Smart Playlist:
Genre/Artist/Album name is blank and 
Track name contains "track"

by jammy on Oct 09 | 10:15 am


Does this work? Wouldn't you have to have the CD available to check whatever it is that's on it that identifies it?

Personally, I couldn't stand to see unlabelled tracks. How can you tell what they are? Playlists would ignore them.

I buy CDs one or two at a time and it's not such a pain to label them myself if I'm not going to go online.

by japester on Dec 07 | 7:42 am

Yeah, this would drive me nuts. I HATE unlabeled tracks.

by dfbills on Dec 08 | 7:48 pm

I can confirm that if you rip a few CDs while not online you don't need the CD in available when running your CDDB check. The above method would work well to have a singular place with all your unlabeled tracks. A quick keyword search with "Track" in it would so as well. Highlight, get track names and you are done.

by tunnellb on Sep 01 | 4:10 pm

Interesting, I've never tried this before. I usually use iEatBrainz to lookup untagged tracks.

by dfbills on Sep 08 | 11:28 pm

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