Random list for iPod with songs *not* in any other playlist?

Dear folks,

I have the small 5GB iPod which is somehow problematic with my evergrowing song collection of currently more than 7.4 GB.

My problem: I have some playlists on the iPod requiring say 4 GB. Now I want to fill the remaining space of one GB with randomly selected tunes from my iTunes library.

I know there are some scripts out there doing this - but these scripts pick also songs that are already in other playlists on my iPod. This means, some songs are replicated in this list and not all the available space is occupied - in other words, wasted.

So my question is: How does one create a playlist that contains randomly selected tunes that are not in other playlist i have on my iPod?

Sorry for the lengthy post -

by fruzzo on Feb 25, 04 | 5:57 am


The easy way to do that is to use the "is not" in playlist qualifier with match all selected. Unfortunatly I have about a dozen playlists tied to my ipod so it gets messy quickly. What I have done now is just select one more playlist of random music and set it to a size just small enough that the sync works. Even if that playlist has songs in your other lists, it will still fill the ipod with other music. That works pretty well.

by Denrael on May 17, 04 | 1:41 pm

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