Looking Back: School Days

Smart Playlists
I've been having a lot of fun with this one- smart playlists for the years I went to high school and college. Mine are two separate lists, but I suppose you could combine them.

Create a smart playlist:

Match - All 
Year - is in the range - start year to end year
My Rating - is in the range - *** to *****

It truly is amazing how the music can bring you back.

I thought about limiting this only to tracks from my cd collection, but the extra tracks are a great addition. You'll undoubtedly notice "best of" and "greatest hits" collections from other years appearing in your date ranges, but in my case I decided to leave them be. I did listen to those collections, even though they are earlier works.

by dfbills on Mar 08 | 7:35 pm


If you're into precision, you should open up the CD booklet for a compilation and enter the original release dates of the tracks. That way, year-based playlists will work properly. It doesn't make sense that Elvis's tracks are tagged "2003", for example.

by japester on Mar 08 | 10:01 pm

You're right, but for compilation CD's it doesn't bother me. The "Elvis 30 #1 Hits" cd collection is something I listened to two years ago, not in the 1950's.

by dfbills on Mar 09 | 12:51 am

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