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Tunes recently came with that great new AAC codec. Yes, it does include the "convert to AAC" function in its menu, but re-encoding mp3s results in poorer sound quality, and this function creates messy song duplicates. If you are like me and must have the best sound quality, then the solution is to re-rip your music. (It's time-consuming, but worth it - get the most from your iPod!) Upon inserting the CD, iTunes will recognize that you've already ripped it, and will ask if you want to replace the old version. There...no duplicates for you!

by fastthumbs on Oct 09 | 9:24 pm


Replacing the old version saves all the info tags as well as the artwork. Note that replacing doesn't always do the right thing when tracks are joined. This sometimes results in a duplicate. Make sure you check when you're done.

by hondo77 on Oct 10 | 3:33 pm

Will this also work if I re-rip my CDs in mp3 (using LAME script)? I'm thinking of re-ripping some music, but I need to stay in mp3 format for some.

by Mike on Oct 14 | 4:27 pm

not too sure, but i bet it will. those apple software designers have thought of everything.

by fastthumbs on Oct 14 | 4:29 pm

I imported something from Audio Hijack, which is AIFF, into iTunes. I added corect info and album artwork and then ripped it as AAC. Everything carried over. Note that this is iTunes I'm talking about. If you're using LAME to rip MP3s, I don't know what will happen.

by hondo77 on Oct 14 | 5:15 pm

Here's my idea. Someone over at Apple should invent a way to save all song info on a small file that is automatically burned to cds, so that mixes can have an alternative to "Track 01, Artist" etc...either this, or the song info can be encoded directly into the mp3 file, as they are doing now with album art. And even if it can't be compatible with all players (*cough*musicmatch*cough*), just iTunes-to-iTunes track info functionality would be cool. reel in those swithcers...

by fastthumbs on Oct 14 | 5:24 pm

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