iTunes 7.4 - Album Rating

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All the hype in yesterday's announcements was around ringtones and the new Touch ipods. For rating junkies there is now an album rating feature.

Albums have a 0-5 star rating that by default appears to be an average of the ratings on the tracks on the album. You can also manually set the rating.

In smart playlists you can now also select all the tracks for an album based on the Album Rating. If you have a smaller capacity ipod you could start to auto manage the albums that are downloaded by selecting something like

Match Any
Album Rating > 3 star 
My Rating > 3
Limit By x Gb

This will pull in the whole album when you like loads of the tracks, and just individual tracks when you don't think much of the rest of the album

by jpoynton on Sep 06 | 6:03 am

 Pseudo / Virtual Album using BPM field

iTunes Tips
A while back someone wanted to make a virtual/pseudo compilation album using their Beatles albums. This is what
I did to create their Red and Blue compilations.

Select The Beatles using iTunes browser

Select tracks and add to Comment field :
The Beatles 1962-1966 (Red Album)

Sort using Comment column

Add compilation track order into BPM
BPM = 101 for "Love Me Do",
BPM = 102 for "Please Please Me" etc.

For the Blue Album I numbered
BPM = 201 for "Strawberry Fields Forever",
BPM = 202 for "Penny Lane" etc.

So when I'm browsing The Beatles and want to list the Red and Blue albums I sort the BPM column.

I also found this method useful with the
Police collection Message In A Box,

BPM 101 - 110 for Outlandos D'Amour,
BPM 201 - 211 for Regatta De Blanc,
BPM 301 - 311 for Zenyatta Mondatta,
BPM 401 - 411 for Ghost In The Machine,
BPM 501 - 511 for Synchronicity,
BPM 601 - 624 for the live/alternate tracks included in the box set.

by Thumper486 on Sep 06 | 2:32 am

 Artists featuring people

iTunes Tips
I personaly like the title of a song to say ft. whoever instead of in the artist because it screws up my artists on my video so i made a smart playlist that has:

match all
name contains ft.
live updating

dfbills adds: I agree, although mine are all "featuring." It certainly keeps the artist list cleaner.

by Kid from down the block on Sep 01 | 5:38 pm

 View all iTunes content in one list

iTunes Tips
I've been following this issue since the release of iTunes 7... good to see it discussed on MacOSXHints today.

Version 7 of iTunes split the master library up into serveral sections: Music, Movies, Podcasts- for content separation. There are times when it is useful/necessary to see every item in your library in one list.

There are two ways to do so:

1. Create a smart playlist with the following rule:

size is greater than 0MB

2. For mac users: Run the following AppleScript:

tell application "iTunes"
     set view of front window to library playlist 1
end tell

Thanks, Doug!

by dfbills on Dec 20 | 11:55 am

 Duplicate existing criteria in iTunes' Smart Playlists

iTunes Tips
A useful tip was posted on MacOSXHints today.

When you are designing a Smart Playlist in iTunes, you sometimes want to specify the same criterion a number of times -- Playlist is Often and Playlist is Rare and Playlist is New, for example. If you click the Plus (+) button, you're offered an empty Artist criterion. You then have to manually select the criterion type you're after in the pop-up menu.

A hidden feature is hiding in this dialog: Just option-click the Plus button next to the criterion you want to replicate, and iTunes will create an exact copy.

by dfbills on Dec 15 | 10:24 am

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