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This playlist lists your top 25 songs. You’ll see at a glance what your current most popular to music is.

Create a Smart Playlist:
Last Played - is in the last - 2 weeks
Limit to - 25 songs - selected by - most often played

by dfbills on Oct 09 | 11:50 pm


Some songs are meant to be played over and over again!

by dfbills on Oct 20 | 6:43 pm


I've downloaded iTunes for Windows a week ago, and I love this little piece of software very much. Being a fan of playlists I found your website and loved it; I've had a lot of fun trying many of the things you posted about.

One thing that bugs me is the impossibility of making a "Top 25" that only takes into account the times you have played a track in a given period of time.

You have a nice "Top 25" setting, but is there a way of making something in the lines of,

Play Count - in the range of - 2 weeks
Limit to - 25 songs - selected by - most often played ?

What I wanted is to be able to make an empiric "list of most often played tracks during this week" without taking into account the times I've played the song in the past, and without having to reset the Play Count.

by valladoliddiego on Nov 01 | 10:12 am

The only way you can do it is songs that are "last played" in the past two weeks.

There is no way to discount prior playcounts. The playcounts are not time-sensitive beyond the last played timestamp.

You might check out this tip:

iTunes Top 20 Smart Playlist Strategy

by dfbills on Nov 01 | 1:20 pm


Thanks for your answer. The Playlist Strategy is very cool, I might try some of that. I'll tweak the smart playlist feature to see if I can come up with some strategy to match my listening habits...

by valladoliddiego on Nov 01 | 1:25 pm

Another important limitation that bothers me is that you cannot get the date of rating changes.

You'd think that changing a rating would change the modified date, but it does not.

That's why I find this smart playlists, "Rising," so limiting.

by dfbills on Nov 01 | 1:37 pm

Boy, I hope Apple listen to this kind of feedback and add the Definitive Tools For Smart Playlist Crazy Fans...

by valladoliddiego on Nov 01 | 2:01 pm

The smart playlist features haven't changed since they were introduced in version 3.0.

Let's see what 5.0 brings next year..

by dfbills on Nov 01 | 2:05 pm

I also religiously rate my songs and use that also to create my Top 25. This is my version:

My Rating -> is -> *****
Limit to -> 25 -> songs by -> most often played.

This gives you the top 25 most-played songs, but they all have to be 5 stars. A little pedantic, but it's a bit more definite.

Note that this isn't exactly my top 25 songs--it's merely the 25 MOST OFTEN PLAYED--an educated guess based on frequency, which, apart from creating a standard playlist, is about the best iTunes can do. I just like it to see what I'm listening to the most.

by japester on Dec 07 | 7:15 am

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