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So, you downloaded an mp3, entered all that info, got the album cover, rated it, and played it a bunch of times only to discover that the sound quality is less than pristine? Don't worry, it happens to all of us.

But don't you wish that you could save all that info when you find a better version of the song? Guess what - you can.

Instead of deleting the song by selecting it in your iTunes library and hitting the delete key, find the actual mp3 (or AAC) file of the song in your iTunes Music folder. Take note of the file's name, then drag it to the trash and empty. Now, rename the new file to match the old one and drag it to the old file's location.

You've preserved your info and improved your song!

Nate adds: This will preserve your playcount! **However, 'Tagged' attributes will reflect the new audio file's tags. (unless, they are deleted or left blank)

by fastthumbs on Oct 09 | 9:31 pm


Sounds good. but will this work if the song file is different in size, length, and/or format? Have you tested this?

by Mike on Oct 14 | 4:24 pm

if that happens, then:
delete the original file by dragging it to the trash. then go into iTunes and try to play the song. a little exclamation point will appear next to the song title and a dialog box will appear informing you that the specified song cannot be found. then, in the resulting "open" pane, open the new copy. there you go...

by fastthumbs on Oct 14 | 4:28 pm

Another way you can preserve file information is by replacing the original file(s) by ripping the new tracks from CD. iTunes will warn you that you are about to duplicate (an) exisiting track(s), and gives you the option of replacing the original with the version you're about to rip. If you select this option, then all of the orginal info, including artwork, stays intact. I'm not sure, though, if this still works if the CDDB information differs from your ID3 tags enough to make iTunes think it's a different recording.

by ToothpasteBoy on Jan 09 | 4:22 pm

No, you have to change the information before you rip the tracks to get the "replace" option.

by fastthumbs on Jan 09 | 11:07 pm

OK, that's right. I knew that I had encountered that option the other day. If I remember correctly, at least you just have to select all songs from a particular album and input the artist and album title to get this to work.

by ToothpasteBoy on Jan 09 | 11:12 pm

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