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Smart Playlists
I have created 2 applescripts to help with better organizing the songs using the power of smart-playlists. The scripts basically allow to "add" and "remove" a group to the songs. This is added to "grouping" field of songs. You can then create smart playlists according to group name added.

For example, I can assign groups "Rock, Love, Morning, College" to a song, and have smart playlists with "Love" in grouping with all the love songs. This way, the playlists automatically maintain themselves and a song can be in multiple playlists without any trouble of actually maintaining them.

The scripts are at http://scf.usc.edu/~dwipalde/itunes.htm. These scripts can add/remove group to the selected songs in iTunes.

by Dwipal Desai on Mar 03 | 8:00 am


Using "Grouping" is probably not a good idea. Apple is presently using "grouping" in the iTunes Music Store to combine multiple movements of a single classical piece. It is highly likely that the next iPod firmware revision and iTunes update will extend this action, and you will end up with all of your "Rock, Love, Morning, College" pieces played back to back.

You can do the exact same thing with the "Comments" field, however.

by thenightfly42 on Mar 04 | 9:19 am

Wouldn't it be nice to have another field to play with...? ;)

by dfbills on Mar 05 | 3:38 pm

I have found one more disadvantage of Grouping, IPOD does not show the songs in Smart Playlist created with Grouping as filter.

I have updated the scripts to add 2 more scripts, one for doing the same thing with Comments and one with Genre.

by Dwipal Desai on Mar 06 | 12:37 am

Too bad - I had planned to collect Rock genre songs by group. Make all genre Rock and then tag by Group for Country Rock (Eagles, Blue Rodeo), Soft Rock (Elton John, Celine), Classic Rock (Supertramp, Dire Straits), and Hard Rock (AC/DC, GNR), etc. If Group is not useful then I'll have to use Comments as Composer has a "Live" tag for all my live songs (and the subsequent SmartPlaylist to go with this, of course).

by Marc Shaw on Sep 20 | 1:48 pm

I would be surprised if this wasn't fixed soon. Maybe I should log it into apple radar.

by dfbills on Sep 20 | 2:57 pm

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