Apple Releases iTunes 5.0!

Apple has released iTunes version 5.0. New in iTunes 5:

- Playlist folders!
- Streamlined design
- Search Bar making refining a search simple
- Parental Controls
- Smart Shuffle adjustments to random playback
- Album Reviews
- Streamlined design
- Smart Shuffle
- Windows users can sync with Outlook and Outlook Express

Stay tuned for more info as we have time to investigate.

by dfbills on Sep 07 | 2:13 pm


- AAC VBR (set it up in Advanced Prefs). Files will be slightly larger, based on my quick test of one album.

- Click on a Playlist Folder to see all the songs contained in all the playlists in that folder.

- Lyrics tab in Get Info. Help says you can view them on some iPods. Which ones?

by thenightfly42 on Sep 07 | 3:41 pm

Maybe I'm just a knuckle-head, but I can't figure out how to create a playlist folder in 5.0. A little help?

by skootergrrl on Sep 07 | 5:06 pm

Ooops. Never mind. I found it. Knuckle head indeed.

by skootergrrl on Sep 07 | 5:14 pm

folders are playlists! yay! drag'n'drop super-lists! as long as you don't want to limit the size of them.

i like being able to hide away some of the supporting SPLs in an etc folder.

by chromo on Sep 07 | 6:46 pm

Playlist folders are nice, and I have also noticed that Podcasts are appearing in the general library.

Has anyone noticed if they fixed that autoupdating glitch with the iPod? Or will that have to wait for a new iPod updater?

by synecdoche on Sep 07 | 7:30 pm

Cut to the chase -- did they fix the issue with dynamic smart playlists or not? I'm sticking to 4.8 until they do! Someone, please -- throw us a bone and check!

by Art on Sep 08 | 4:49 am

You can still update to iTunes 5.0 and just keep your old iPod update... i have with no problems.

Therefore smart playlists are still dynamically updating.

Haven't tested the behaviour of folders yet...

by assilem on Sep 09 | 10:31 am

Tested Folder behaviour (ie iTunes 5.0) with iPod software 3.02 (ie updater from november last year). Folders don't appear on the iPod...

Do they on the updated iPods?

I can't beleive apple didn't fix the issue of smart playlist not live updating.

by assilem on Sep 09 | 8:37 pm

The folders don't appear on any Ipod, including the brand new Nano. it's a desktop only thing.

Based on the comments on a bunch of sites, it seems like LOTS of folks are having a HORRIBLE time with the iTunes 5.0 installation (I'm still on 4.8 myself)... so I suspect that Apple will devote their energy to fixing the 5.0 update before they even begin looking at the smartlist update snafu.

with iTunes 4.8 and a happily updating mini

by whitemiata on Sep 14 | 3:20 pm

Since updating to iTunes 5.0, somehow the application has started copying every single track that was played since the last update (even those of which only the first few seconds were played), making every USB iPod update annoyingly time-consuming. My 20GB 4G iPod is on iPod software 3.02 because of the SPL snafu. Would it solve the copying problem if I update the iPod software? Has anyone else come across this at all?

by Dan Hassler-Forest on Sep 14 | 6:12 pm

I haven't had any problems with the new one yet, for what it is worth, though it did the whole "reload the entire library" the first time I ran it. That is on a Mac, though. Are the people having trouble on Windows, or is this on both?

by synecdoche on Sep 14 | 6:15 pm

I'm running iTunes on a Mac. I'll look and see what happens when I update the iPod software.

by Dan Hassler-Forest on Sep 15 | 8:52 am

Since installing 5.0, I can no longer manually add songs to my iPod. Anyone having similar problems? Any suggestions?

by r on Sep 19 | 9:59 pm

Anyone tried iTunes 6.0 yet?

by talking_animal on Oct 13 | 7:35 pm

after the 5.0 troubles i'm waiting to install it

i did put in quicktime 7.0.3 though since it fixes some stuff

by chromo on Oct 13 | 9:33 pm

I installed iTunes 6 -- with some trepidation after bad experiences with 5 -- because I had to try the video download. It seems to be bug free so far... two days later.

by r on Oct 15 | 1:35 am

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