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If you're like me, you can't stand the gaps that happen when you rip mix cds of your favorite DJs (or your own mixes). So you rip them as one giant track. I have a smart playlist that is set to catch most of the DJ sets without catching anything else:

Time - is greater than - 35:00

So far I haven't encountered any other genres or artists with single songs longer than 35:00. Godspeed You Black Emperor! comes close, though... I could imagine that audio books would be longer, but I don't have any.

by D.L. on Oct 26 | 12:29 pm


I have a similar smart playlist; I use when I work out.

 Time - is the range of - 10:00 - to - 15:00
Genre - does not contain - Comedy
Genre - does not contain - Audio Book 

by nate on Oct 26 | 12:39 pm

Some of Fela's songs are 35 minutes or more :)

by Mike Cohen on Oct 26 | 3:03 pm

D.L.- You should add some more of the playlists from your site here. I like the tag editing one.

by dfbills on Oct 31 | 12:12 am

Z-Trip has some longer ones

by musicpro on Oct 31 | 2:13 am

Hi, I've tried it.. but don't understand... this can create a "mixed" CD ? It seem no...
I've made a smart playlist with songs to fill one cd of 74 min. In the preference i was et no gap betwenn songs. But after i burned the cd , have all the trcks, not only one...
Where is the error?

by RiK on Nov 12 | 9:19 am

Whether a single track is over 35 minutes depends on the definition of a single track. Steve Reich's "Drumming" is about an hour long, and though it's divided on the CD into four tracks, the whole thing is really one long seamless piece. This is nit-picking, I know.

But this isn't: this year, either Mixmag or Muzik (can't remember which because I can't find the CD) included with an issue of the magazine a CD that had all the tunes mixed into one 73-minute track.

by pyramus on Nov 30 | 5:40 pm

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