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I hope nobody's posted this. I don't remember having seen it.

With my old 1G iPod, I used to have ten playlists called Top 20; the first one had the twenty most-played songs, the second had the next batch of twenty, and so on. The first one was easy (uncheck the "Match the following condition" box and set the next criterion to "Limit to 20 Songs chosen by Most Played"), but the rest had to be done manually, by tabulating the play counts of the next twenty songs and inserting those values into (Play Count is between 15 and 19) or whatever the numbers were.

My 4G iPod has new categories, and one of them is Playlist, which makes automatically generating sequential Top 20 lists a piece of cake. The first list is the same as the first one above; give it a name like "1st Top 20". To generate the second one, use the same criteria, but check the "Match the following condition" box and set the condition to "Playlist is not '1st Top 20'". This will give you a new playlist of the twenty most-played songs that aren't the actual top 20--the second half of the top 40, if you like. You can repeat this as often as you like; the third list will have two conditions, "Playlist is not '1st Top 20'" and "Playlist is not '2nd Top 20'", and so on.

And since they're Smart Playlists, songs will constantly be juggling themselves in and out of the various lists, particularly if you frequently do what I do and put one song on repeat play for half an hour or so.

by pyramus on Dec 06 | 8:00 am


I dun think you have to do that rite, pyramus? U simply have to select 40 "most played" that is NOT in top 20 most played. That will give u the next 20 far more easily!

by Alvito on Feb 28 | 10:07 pm

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