Smart Playlist Selects Directly from the iPod?

I want to create a smart playlist that selects tracks directly from my iPod, instead of from my library. This is because of the simple fact that my iPod is a 40GB… and my home PC is a mere 7GB. I have had to convert/back up all my mp3’s onto disc and then one my one transfer onto my iPod.

Is it possible to make a smart playlist that selects tracks directly from the iPod?

by nate on Aug 16, 05 | 9:57 am


You can do this, but you will need to set the iPod to manual mode. Normally, the iPod merely mirrors iTunes, but with this setting it is setup independently.

If you click the iPod in the Source list and create a new smartplaylist, this playlist will only select from tracks on the iPod and should accomplish what you want.

by dfbills on Aug 16, 05 | 9:59 am

dfbills is correct, but a more efficient way, I think, is to do this:

Go to your iPod preferences in iTunes and enable it for disk use. This allows your computer to recognize the iPod as a harddrive.

You then return to the main iTunes window, and go to file, "add folder to library..." and select your ipod. iTunes will think that the iPod is a harddrive and treat it as such.

BTW I must give credit to a blogger on TUAW (http://www.tuaw.com) for this method, I'm quite sure which one (sorry you guys!)

by genEric on Aug 18, 05 | 9:41 pm

Wow! That's so un-kludgy it's almost worth trashing my hard drive full of music just to try out! I learned something cool today!

by talking_animal on Aug 19, 05 | 5:23 pm

No need to trash if you want to try. Just quit iTunes & rename your iTunes folder. Then, relaunch iTunes and you'll find a clear library ready for playing.

by dfbills on Aug 19, 05 | 5:29 pm

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