Auto-update my iTunes library

I have my MP3s on a separate file server, which I have mounted as a network drive on my WinXP box. I would like iTunes to automatically update my library when I add MP3s to the file server. Since I'm not using iTunes to create the MP3s and don't want iTunes to rename the files, changing my library to point to the file server location isn't going to work. Short of repeatedly adding the drive to the library and clearing the duplicates that will no doubt result, is there an automated way to have iTunes scan the drive for changes like Winamp 5's Music Library does?

by gotroot801 on Jul 30 | 9:03 pm


Are you on a Mac? (it sounds implied when you say a "WinXP box, unless your on linux or something... cept then you wouldn't be on iTunes, so scratch that)

I bet you could find an Applescript to do something like that. I myself have not yet made the switch (waiting for new PB's) so I wouldn't know how to make one, but I understand that they're pretty easy, maybe you can figgure out how to make a simple one through Doug's applescripts or something.

by genEric on Aug 01 | 11:37 pm

use this program to do so


by hextor on Aug 28 | 8:06 am

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