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Smart Playlists
I like listening to my iPod in true random mode- playing everything in the 'songs' folder, but I don't want the iTrip frequency files or spoken word tracks played.

I've created a smart playlist called 'Everything'.

Artist 'does not contain' Griffin Technology
Genre is not Vocal

by amnesiac on Oct 10 | 7:45 pm


I just uncheck the iTrip stuff in the library not and check "Match only checked songs" in my smart playlists. I have a separate playlist just for the iTrip stuff so when it's time to go on a trip I include that playlist.

by hondo77 on Oct 13 | 11:40 am

What's an "iTrip frequency file"?

by japester on Dec 07 | 7:04 am

When you get an iTrip you also get a CD with a bunch of MP3s named after each frequency on the FM dial. To dial your iTrip to a particular FM frequency, you play one of these MP3s. They're about 10 seconds long and make bloop, bleep sounds.

by hondo77 on Dec 08 | 11:54 am

does the itrip frequency stations have to stay in your "main" library or can they just stay in a created playlist?

by ratch333 on Jan 02 | 11:14 pm

Does anyone know the longest range that you can be away from an FM radio using your Itrip? Do you have to be very close to the radio, etc?

by ratch333 on Jan 02 | 11:39 pm

I created a "Never in a Playlist" playlist, which has things like Talk Radio genre and iTrip and some other genres that I don't want in my mix playlists. Then, I just add a criteria to my playlists:

Playlist is not "Never in a Playlist"

by Jeff H on Jan 20 | 4:04 pm

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