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Smart Playlists
Identifies newly ripped tracks:

Create a smart playlist:

Date added - is in the last - 31 days
Bit Rate - is greater than - 127 kbps 
   (not things from other sources)
Time - is less than- 10 minutes 
   (keep really long and/or audio book files out)
Play count - is less than -  4 
   (so doesn't overplay)
My rating -- is not -- 2 stars 
   (personal rating, 2's are one step
      away from deletion)
Limit to -950 megs

by Swanksalot on Nov 11 | 2:06 pm


every time you download your library to your ipod, does it download the Whole playlist again (with or without duplication) or just the new songs (look for updates)?

by ratch333 on Jan 03 | 6:21 am

just new songs. If you have smart playlists, it will subtract/add songs accordingly, but still will only download a few, not your entire library.

by Swanksalot on Jan 03 | 12:04 pm

so it will update your system/ipod if you make changes to the original music files such as change genre etc.?

by ratch333 on Jan 03 | 1:52 pm

Yes, it will update your library. I don't think it redownloads the actual music file, but I could be wrong.

by Swanksalot on Jan 03 | 1:56 pm

It only loads updates.

by dfbills on Jan 04 | 10:30 pm

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