Smart Playlists Not Working After iPod Update

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As many of our readers have discovered on their own, the latest iPod updater appears to break support for dynamically updating smart playlists on the iPod.

Apple has finally posted a support document that says Smart Playlists on Click Wheel iPods may stop updating dynamically after applying iPod Updater 2005-06-26.

by dfbills on Jul 06 | 2:52 pm


Ouch! Pretty lame statement from Apple. What's next? "Your iPod's battery may stop functioning after you update your iPod with iPod Updater xxxx-xx-xx. To resolve the issue, plug your iPod into an AC outlet using the power adapter."

Hope their closing statement - "This document will be updated as more information becomes available" - translates to, "We're going to fix this, and soon", as this is a serious impediment to iPod's utility. . .

by Scott on Jul 06 | 3:02 pm

As long as Apple is fixing bugs, someone needs to ask them to fix the bug that causes all Ipods to loose the playcounts and last played dates whenever the Ipod reboots.

This affects 2g, 3G, and 4G Ipod, and probably the mini too (I haven't tested one yet). And since the 4G Ipod reboots anytime it goes into a deep sleep, this means it looses that data often.

It is a real pain for folks who use playcount and last played dates to build smart playlists from.

If someone could post this info on the Apple forums, it would be most helpful. I am unable to log on there for some reason, and I really feel they need to be aware of this bug and know that folks want it fixed.

by FredH on Jul 13 | 12:05 pm

I am very disappointed with this bug from Apple and iPod. Grumpy? Yes I am. Smart Playlists are my EVERYTHING and right now it's ALL SCREWED UP and I'm going on the road for several weeks next week and won't be near my PC! And worse yet? My Smart Playlists don't seem to be updating even when I synch to iTunes. Great.

This needs to be fixed now. You hear that Apple geeks?! No rest, no food, no sleep...until you get this fixed!

by Westy on Jul 19 | 3:07 pm

Before some people get crazy (like me) to find out what's going one: Yes, it also affects the iPod mini.

by Markus on Aug 11 | 3:59 pm

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