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Not a big hint, this one, but I just made what was, for me, a useful discovery; a keyboard shortcut that I didn't previously know.

If you select a track and press Option-Backspace, it deletes it from the current playlist and the library and (optionally) from the disk (ie it moves it to the Trash).

I have an SPL which lists podcasts added more than 2 months ago which haven't been given a rating. Being able to use this as a basis for deletion is very handy.

dfbills adds: I thought for sure that this was already on the site as it is one of the best shortcuts and one that I use daily.

by Quentin Stafford-Fraser on Jul 28 | 4:20 am


Let it be noted that this translates to "shift delete" (I'm not sure about backspace) on the Windows version.

by genEric on Jul 30 | 11:47 pm

This also lets you delete a file from a smart playlist -- otherwise you are not unable to delete a SPL file.

Thanks for the tip!!

by cogscilibrarian on Sep 04 | 8:41 am

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