iPod Setup Using Album Smart Playlists?

I have had an iPod for a few years now, but have only just stumbled across this site.

does everybody only use smart playlists to create a selection of random/never played songs?

or like me use smart playlists to house each album?

i have well over 5000 songs on my iPod and browsing through the artist menu causes problems because i have quiet a few complilations containing one song from many different artists. so the artists list is huge.

i very much like to be able to get to the album i want quickly and not have many sub menus to click through to get to where i want, like when building a website i try to follow the 3 clicks rule. anymore and people get bored or lost!

am i missing something, have read a few posts on here i dont seem to making the best use of my iPod.

any thoughts?

by dpc036 on Jul 29, 05 | 6:24 am


How would this be any different than the iPod's built in Browse by Album functionality?

by ChuckEye on Jul 29, 05 | 4:31 pm

Chuckeye, he said he likes to go through as few menus as possible, and i assume he ususually listens to music from the "playlist" sub menu so making the albums easily accesible from the playlist menu is a smart idea.

dpc, welcome to smartplaylists! it's a generally underappreciated and mostly unknown feature of iTunes that not many end users seem to make use of.

nice use of SPL's

by genEric on Jul 30, 05 | 11:37 pm

Settings -> Main Menu -> Albums: On. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than making 1700+ smart playlists, one for each album I have in my collection...

by ChuckEye on Jul 31, 05 | 2:23 am

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