Using a playlist as a filter

Smart Playlists
I call this my Archive playlist. This playlist is useful when creating other playlists because I use it to filter out songs that I hardly listen to.

Here is my Archive playlist:

Match ANY of the following:
My Rating is *
Genre is Showtunes
Genre is Christmas
Genre is Theme
Genre is Humor
Genre is iTrip

Here's an example of how I use it for my R&B Shuffle playlist:

Match ALL of the following:
Genre is R&B
Playlist is NOT Archive

Another example of how I use this. This is my Rock Shuffle playlist:

Match ALL of the following:
Genre is Rock
Playlist is NOT Archive

by iBang on Jul 23 | 8:00 am


Yeah, I do the same thing. I have two filters. "-Too Short" has the rule "Time is less than 1 minute" with "Match only checked songs". I use it to uncheck short blurbs that I don't want transfered to the ipod. And "-Too Long" is "Time is greater than 9:59". I have about 100 songs, most but not all classical that are that long. I usually don't want them on my ipod - I don't listen to long pieces at work. In addition to filtering with the playlists, I don't sync either playlist to the ipod, since that would defeat the purpose :-) For what it's worth, I have a "-1-2 Star" playlist that's also used to uncheck low rated songs and keep them off the ipod.

by Sys Admn on Jul 23 | 9:37 pm

Very good time saver! Thanks

by Bakari on Jul 24 | 2:58 pm

The downside to this approach is that the auto refresh of a playlist on the iPod won't work. I have a similiar approach, except I use the archive playlist to uncheck songs. All of my other playlists only play checked songs.

by Todd Becker on Jul 25 | 12:11 am

Well let's hope that Apple fixes this bug in the near future.

by dfbills on Jul 25 | 8:32 am

I don't believe that it will be fixed. The auto update only works for playlists that completely reside on the iPod. By design, the archive (I call mine filter) playlist will never be on the iPod. Therefore, any playlist that references that playlist will not be able to update. This is why I recently switched to referencing checked songs.

All in all, using checked songs is not that much more cumbersome, but it does require additional effort. I periodically have to go to my filter playlist and uncheck new songs that have appeared there based on my criteria (< 3 stars). Fortuneately, these songs are no longer played by my other playlists, however, they will take up space on the device until they are unchecked.

HTH, Todd

by Todd Becker on Jul 25 | 11:20 am

I liked the idea, used it for awhile, but came up with a better one, very similar. I made a playlist that was the opposite of yours, (i call mine source), which filters out all the non normal songs I have, (comedy, classical, obviously defective short songs, skits etc).

This way, I can use it as my source for the shuffle. and for my playlists I do the opposite as well, ie

playlist IS source
genre IS alternative

just an idea I had, thought id share.

by misscali on Aug 14 | 3:17 am

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