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I use Party Shuffle at work, pulling songs in from a SPL, with cross-fades turned on. Sometimes when I hear a song, especially one of my all-time favorites, I don't want another song to come immediately after it. I just want silence to let the tune bounce around my head for a bit. Or it's the last song of the day on a Friday afternoon, and I don't want a slow/quiet song to come on after it and ruin my mood.

So instead of trying to time the press of the stop button, I made a normal playlist called "Silence" which contains no songs, and change my Party Shuffle source to that. That clears out any songs after the currently playing one which you can't otherwise do (if you delete one it's replaced).

by Quagmire on Jul 20 | 8:00 pm


On several jazz reissues, there's a "pause" track on each CD that you can program in on your player to break up the listening set. A pause track is pretty useful in iTunes as well; for the purpose you mention above as well as for creating mixtape playlists (I use it to separate the different parts of the playlists), and for waking up the iPod daily to keep it from going into "deep-freeze" mode.

For clearing out the party shuffle, you can also just uncheck the entire source SPL; that stops play after the current song, but leaves the tracks queued up.

by talking_animal on Jul 30 | 11:10 pm

i used to use a pause track. since then i wrote a pretty nice applescript that ends play when this song finishes, or acts as a sleep timer keeping itunes playing for 7, 20, or 60 mins. so, the way i've set it up, one of the function keys acts just like the sleep button on a tv remote!

i use the script so often, i have it do maintenance work on the SPL scheme when it's not busy.

by chromo on Sep 07 | 12:33 pm

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