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My iTunes library finally outgrew my 20G iPod, so I've been reviewing all my songs and unchecking the ones I don't like or don't need on my iPod. Since I want to synch all my playlists, not just some, it doesn't work to just manually manage playlists. However, I want to keep track of which songs I have unchecked, so I can go back and recheck some when I want to listen to them again, but there's no way to sort the library by checked/unchecked. You can do it by scrolling through your entire library and dragging individual songs into a regular playlist, but it's tedious and doesn't update automatically. I also didn't want to add an "unchecked" tag in the comment field and create a smart playlist that way, because it takes a long time to go through and edit comments, whereas you can check and uncheck groups of songs just by CTRL+Clicking on one song in the list. So, I had already created a SmartPlaylist called "Checked Songs" that keeps track of the number and total size of the songs I want to upload to my iPod. (A 20-gig iPod has a formatted capacity of @18.5 gigs, so the size of the "Checked Songs" list has to be less than that.) I did this by setting the following parameters:

Match only checked songs
Live updating

I discovered that one of the other parameters you can set is "Playlist." So, in order to get a SmartPlaylist of my unchecked songs, I set the following parameters:

(Unselect "Match only checked songs")
Live Updating

Now I can manage my songs better, and see by just how much I've exceeded my iPod capacity.

by ArsenicJulep on Jul 06 | 3:00 pm


There are lots of other ways to fill yr iPod. Many people here use any number of the smart playlists on the site with size restrictions to build awesome iPod collections.

by dfbills on Jul 06 | 3:07 pm

Arsenic, It's been my experiemce that when you limit your checked songs playlist to 18930 MB (18.5 GB) that you default your Unchecked Songs playlists to include songs that are checked, b/c if your library is larger than 18.5 GB then not all songs are in your checked songs SPL

by MR on Jul 08 | 10:57 am

Two things: One, for me, the purpose of the Checked/Unchecked songs SPs is *not* to automatically fill or build a playlist for my iPod, or to automatically limit the checked songs to 18.51GB--rather, it allows me complete song-by-song control over what is on my iPod on any given day, since only checked songs get added to the iPod. If I didn't care, I'd just let the program choose songs for me, and not worry about the capacity of my checked songs. What my "Checked Songs" playlist does is to keep a running total of the GB taken up by the songs I have checked, so I can manually choose and then check the songs I want on my iPod that day, and not go over that amount and have the program default to choosing songs for me. The "Unchecked Songs" SP shows me what I've left out that day, and groups all the unchecked songs together so it's easier to find things I might want to add back in.

by ArsenicJulep on Jul 12 | 1:09 pm

I dont have an ipod yet, but I found this useful to see exactly how many songs I have available for my party shuffle, and to manage my music, eh..box checking lol.

by misscali on Aug 14 | 3:26 am

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