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After the last iPod update, iPod Updater 2005-03-23, I noticed something I have been asking Apple to implement for ages.

There is a new setting in the setting menu, Compilations. If you turn it on, magic happens.

1. Artists represented solely on compilations disappear from the artists menu, making the list a lot shorter and more manageable.

2. There is a new music submenu, Compilations, which lists all albums containing songs marked with the Compilation checkbox (akin to the Group Compilations When Browsing feature in iTunes General preferences).

The iPod now corresponds to iTunes with regard to compilation management, very important for some people like dance music junkies.

by japester on Apr 15 | 6:51 pm


Hi, I have the latest ipod update (2005-06-26) but can't see the "Compilations" setting under the Settings Menu on my ipod. These are the items I CAN see: About, Main Menu, Shuffle, Repeat, Backlight Timer, Audiobooks, EQ, Sound Check, Contrast, Clicker, Date & Time, Contacts, Language, Legal, and Reset All Settings. My ipod is in Windows format ... could that be why I'm not seeing the "Compilations" item?

by teekay1959 on Aug 09 | 11:20 am

Windows has nothing to do with it. It may be a feature specific to only a few models. I have an iPod Photo. It might be a 4G-only feature.

by japester on Aug 09 | 6:54 pm

Damn ... not good! I've got a 20G click-wheel 4G that I bought this January. I would have expected my model to be included on something like that. C'est la vie.

by teekay1959 on Aug 09 | 7:23 pm

THANKS!!! This was the one feature I was looking for, for quite a long time!!!

by inconnu on Feb 15 | 1:26 pm

...there is however one catch, what if I only have 'compilation' songs of a specific artist, and want to select this artist? Should I make a separate SPL or uncheck the compilation mark for songs by this artist?

by inconnu on Feb 15 | 1:32 pm

it might be easier to just use the search box in the library for this.

by chromo on Feb 18 | 1:10 pm

You shouldn't be using the Compilation checkbox for single-artist compilations! This is used solely to organise various-artist compilations. It tells iTunes to keep the tracks to together under Compilations/[CD Title] as opposed to scattering the tracks throughout your music folder. It is also the mechanism by which the iPod's Compilations feature works.

In classification terms, a complete work produced by a single artist is defined as an "album". This means an album, a single, an EP or a compilation of tracks from a single artist. Subtle but important. If you follow this rule, you will be able to access a single-artist compilation like any other title: Artist > Albums > Title.

by japester on Feb 18 | 6:32 pm

In Article ID: 301172 on the Apple ipod Support website it says, "If you have an iPod with a color display (including iPod photo and iPod nano) you can add a Compilations option to the Music menu on iPod to display songs that are part of a compilation." I have a 4thGen click-wheel 20G ipod but it doesn't have color display. I have just one question then, what the hey does the Compilations feature have to do with a color display?!!

by teekay1959 on Feb 18 | 8:23 pm

It's just an old trick. Apple introduces certain features only for later models. The 4G with colour is actually a later generation than the 4G B&W. They simply chose to enable this feature for the later model.

by japester on Feb 18 | 8:33 pm

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