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If your computer is low on space and you want to store music files only on your iPod to save valuable hard drive space...

You probably know that this isn't the way iTunes typically works. You have a master library on your computer and simply sync your iPod to this master.

However, you can indeed move all your files to the iPod and remove from your computer if you manage your songs in manual mode. Go to the iPod prefs in iTunes to set this paramenter.

This will make your iPod relatively independent of your computer and you'll need to manually drag songs and playlists to your 'pod in the source list.

by dfbills on Apr 07 | 12:25 pm


While you can indeed put the songs on your iPod "permanently" that won't do you much good after your reformat your drive or when you want to add new songs. When set your iPod to manual mode, you can physically add and delete songs from your iPod library, but you can't put them into a library on a computer with only iTunes.

That's when you go get yourself a handy app!

at thelittleappfactory.com, you'll find "iPodRip" which is a shareware program that will allow you to rip songs from your iPod to your hard drive. There's no limit on the number of songs, but you can only use it 10 times. With some foresight, you can get by without ever paying for it, but why gyp a great little development team?

by Wizzle the Thrizzle on Apr 07 | 5:34 pm

Or you could go get Senuti, which is freeware. Be sure to look at the Read Me file for instructions on prepping your iPod before use.

I've used Senuti twice; it works perfectly.

by lambchop on Apr 08 | 2:25 am

The app you want will depend on whether you're on a PC or a Mac. For PC users, there's a good summary on Apple Discussions at: http://discussions.info.apple.com/webx?13@510.1ED4a9onWnk.0@.68a9c835/5

by davepmiller on Apr 09 | 3:54 pm

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