Unrated Edition!

Smart Playlists
Great for you rating freaks out there.

Create a Smart Playlist:
My Rating - is - 0 stars

Then, you can rate the songs appropriately as the list plays.

(This won't work if you rate songs that you hate with 0 stars...why not just delete them?)

dfbills adds: I use this as quick way to find unrated tracks and get them ranked. Why don't we all delete the 0 star tracks...?

by fastthumbs on Oct 09 | 10:28 pm


i leave all 'spoken word' 'songs' at zero - that way they never show up in a list. the worst a song can get is 1 for me. similar to how foreign flicks don't get us ratings - they're in their own league...

by divinevelocity on Oct 10 | 1:37 am

No need to delete those zero-star tracks you don't like. Just uncheck them. Then check the box on your "zero star" smart playlist that says "Match checked songs only". Voila! All songs not worthy of a check have been removed from the playlist.

by skia on Oct 10 | 12:13 pm

Hmmm. This rating thing is something I've never really understood. Why would anyone want a song that they don't rate highly (3-5 stars) wasting space on their hard drive/iPod?

by Hitchcock Blonde on Nov 22 | 7:31 pm

I had the same question originally, Hitchcock. I thought that rating my songs would be a waste of time. But then I realized how often I skip past a song that is playing when listening to my library on shuffle. You see, if you buy an album, chances are it's because of 1 to 5 songs that you have heard on it and like. What about all the other tracks? There will always be a song on an album that you don't absolutely love. However, Unless I truly hate a song, I still rip it, just for the sake of completion, I guess. This is why I rate my music. Also, rating songs opens up a new dimension for smart playlists - you have no idea how helpful putting in "my rating is..." can be.

by fastthumbs on Nov 23 | 10:53 am

Hard drive space is cheap- iPod space is not.

Keeping low-rated songs around on the computer is not a problem for me.

Smart playlists let me add just the right number of these songs to my mix.

by dfbills on Nov 24 | 11:36 pm

This is how I look at it: a zero-star rating simply means I haven't rated it yet. If I don't like a song, I assign it 1 star. I have a playlist that picks up all these 1 stars and I delete them when I get home to my computer. I don't keep songs I don't like as I'm conscious of my hard-drive space.

The lowest I'll go is 2 stars, and I don't have many of them.

by japester on Dec 07 | 7:23 am

What I have found when I began doing the "Music" scene is that I should only delete a file if I have a better copy or it is corrupt. In the 5 short years that I've been playing with my MP3 files, songs that I hated have gone to 4 or 5 stars, and others have fallen.

Hard drive space is so cheap, that it is quite useful to go for quantity and worry about quality later.

I do like the idea of using 1 star to mark songs as "unliked", I'll have to consider that one.

by bombcar on Jun 13 | 12:35 am

I've modified the use of 1 star, as outlined here:


under the heading "* To Be Checked".

by japester on Jun 13 | 11:21 am

I guess I use unrated the way you use 1-star. Admittedly, it's hard at first to give a really good song a 1 star rating, but the rating scale is so much more useful as a 5-point (1-5) scale than a 4-point (2-5) or 3-point (3-5) scale. If you can't wrap your mind around keeping or liking one-star songs, think of the 1 to 5 star scale as a 6 to 10 scale.

by davepmiller on Jun 13 | 1:55 pm

Got a Playlist "Unrated" for all the 0 star songs that need rating - otherwise just keep hearing the same one's in most Often Played.
* - Tag error, fix
** - don't like, delete if need space
*** - average, good for a Shuffle
**** - like, good tune
*****- the best, crank it everytime!

by Marc Shaw on Sep 20 | 1:36 pm

I think of zero as unrated or neutral. Songs I don't like at all would be rated as a minus one - five (on my computer they are simply unchecked and not rated), whereas songs I do like are rated somewhere between one and five. However - to pick up those tracks that need to be fixed i don't in practice rate any songs as one star. I find a point scale sufficient.

1 = fix or delete
2 = tolerate it
3 = like it
4 = love it
5 = can't get enough of it, love it heaps

by assilem on Dec 22 | 2:23 am

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