Live iPod Updating Revisited?

This has been discussed and debated before... without any clear outcome.

My understanding is that this varies from 3g iPods and 4g iPods (with the 4g's updating playlists easier and quicker) but the complexity of the playlist is a key factor in it.

If the value you have modfied (in this case the rating) is a criteria in a smart playlist which your smart playlist references, it appears it it unlikely for it to live-update.

Personally I'd like to see my playlists (in both iTunes and iPods) not live-update until the song has finished playing (this is more relevant on the iPod seeing as one cannot change the ratings of a song unless the song is being played.)

I'll link you to past discussions on the topic...

How do live updated smart playlists work on iPods?

Not-so-smart playlists? (dynamic updating)

Refreshing a Random Playlist Directly on the iPod

Hope that gets you started.


by genEric on Mar 31, 05 | 8:33 pm


I'm sorry i put this in as a post; it was meant to be a reply to someone asking about this particular question (http://smartplaylists.com/questions.php?id=P810) .
When viewing the article i thought it was a comment submition box beneath the article, not a new thread box. My apologies

by genEric on Apr 02, 05 | 3:27 pm

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