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Smart Playlists
If you add "podcast" as a genre (may podcasts set this automatically) you can create the following smart playlist:

Match ANY of the following conditions
- Genre is podcast
- Play count is 0
- Date Added is within 1 days

Live Updating

by iWorks on Mar 31 | 11:12 am


Actually, I've found that most of the podcasts I subscribe to *don't* use "podcast" as the genre. Which, really, is good, because although Clayborne (http://clayborne.blogspot.com/) and Staccato (http://staccatomusic.org/) may both be podcasts, they are worlds apart in genre.

I do keep a kind of inbox for my podcasts, though. iPodder automatically makes static playlists for each of your subscriptions. I add each of these to a smart playlist called All Podcasts (Playlist is "podcast name"), then I created a smart playlist called New podcasts, and set it up like this:

Match ALL:
Playlist is "All Podcasts"
Date added is in the last 2 days

by vertigo25 on Apr 01 | 7:58 pm

I did this and I get a ton of songs I think because it's set as ANY of the following: played once (a lot of songs show up) ?? I don't understand.

by ipodman715 on May 06 | 11:31 pm

Vertigo: I use PlayPod to download my podcasts... it allows me to specify the genre when downloading podcasts. I used to use iPodderX and it allowed me to do the same.

ipodman: ANY should've said ALL, my mistake.

by iWorks on May 07 | 1:01 am

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