Getting started with compound lists?

I have a couple desires that I don't know how to do in a smart playlist...

I want a condition like the search feature that will pick up anything with the specified term in it (i.e. The Kanye West playlist would have all his songs, all his featured songs, and all his produced songs) but I also want:

my rating condition to be greater than **

Another thing I want to do is have all songs from multiple genres with the same rating conditions

All classic rock and folk songs rated greater than **

by taxbax on Mar 16, 05 | 1:00 am


The problem is that a single smart playlist can either have an AND or an OR, but you can't use both. So for your second request you'd have two playlists. Set one playlist to

GENRE is Classic Rock
GENRE is Folk

and a second playlist

PLAYLIST is (name of the playlist created above)
MY RATING is Greater than **

by ChuckEye on Mar 31, 05 | 7:39 pm

Actually, there is a way around:

"All classic rock and folk songs rated greater than **"

with one playlist, albeit a bit cumbersome. You'll want to exclude all the unwanted genres in your library, as follows:

Match all:

Genre is NOT "Classical"
Genre is NOT "Country"
...etc. - - repeat for all your unwanted genres.

My rating is greater than **

Finally, to avoid same-day repeats, you can add:

Last played is not in the last "1" days

Advantage is that you'll have a single smart playlist that will auto-refresh on your iPod. . .

by Scott on Apr 12, 05 | 3:57 pm

You could also reclassify all of your folk to be in a new genre called Classic Folk, and then go with Genre CONTAINS "Classic ". That would work as long as you don't have other classic genres.

by davepmiller on Apr 12, 05 | 6:50 pm

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