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I posted this a while ago but have come up with some ideas...

The initial idea was to create a playlist compiled of my best albums (basically albums with a bunch of songs rated high)

This is what I've come up with:

rated 3* or higher
album containing letters "a-e-i-o-u-"

(make a diff quality for each letter thus elimination 3 star songs that are without album - cuz I don't put the album name in the tag if its th eonly song from that album. To be real thorough you can do it for digits 1 through 0 too)

However, if I have any song rated on any album, it will take that song.

An ideal quality for this play lists would be: "albums with 7+ songs rated 3* or higher"

by taxbax on Mar 16 | 12:51 am


Maybe it's easier to say;

album does not contain ""

Leave it empty.

by uncle jim on Apr 05 | 10:46 am

but all albums contain "" it would be album is not ""

by taxbax on Apr 05 | 1:08 pm

my mistake.

by uncle jim on Apr 06 | 7:23 am

How does this playlist specifically grab albums that only have 7+ songs that fit this description?

by Joss on May 14 | 12:52 am

it doesnt thats the problem...but i thought of a good bane for it :) "CD Player" that would be sick, you can put it on shuffle by album and then you have an 'n' disc cd player (where n is the number of "good slbums" you have...sooooo sweet, i wish i could do this!! plus im kinda high and that adds to the excitement...;)

by taxbax on May 14 | 10:10 am

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