Least Played Sorted SPL in Order?

I'm trying to set up a smart playlist that will play the least recently played Mozart songs (I like to listen to Mozart, but don't care what Mozart, but would prefer to not listen to the same thing over and over), but when I do Artist: Mozart; and limit to 2000 songs sorted by least recently played, the songs come up in reverse order (i.e. the end of a symphony is the first track played, then the next to the end, then the middle and finally the first part is played last).

Most of the songs are newly ripped and have not been played at all.

Also, is there a way to reset or edit the "last played" field?

by cogitobsw on Mar 15, 05 | 5:19 pm


I'm pretty sure you cannot change the last played field without using applescripts. If you are desperate, you could remove it from the library and re-import it.
About your first issue, I am not completely sure i know what you mean. Perhaps you need to click the field with the numbers in it, so that the arrow is facing the opposite direction.

by genEric on Apr 02, 05 | 11:58 pm

Try using the Join Tracks feature to unite all the movements of a single piece into one track. That way, using "last played" or "random" you don't end up just listening to disparate parts of different works.

by talking_animal on May 10, 05 | 12:24 pm

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