Will songs update in Smart Playlist in iPod?

Although I could try this on my own, but i'm currently at work and really want to know this.

If I have a playlist, say of all the songs with 4 stars and I change the rating of a particular song to say 3, will that song be removed from the list? That is if I now scroll the list would I be able to see that song. Also, if that doesn't happen, would it happen when I restart my iPod? (i.e after restart, I won't see the song in the smart playlist)

by zeeta6 on Mar 15, 05 | 2:01 pm


On my iPod, a 15 with Dock connector, this does work, under certain conditions. My main listening playlist is an "old favorites" type ( Matching all: 1. songs above 2 stars, 2. last played is not played in 5 weeks, 3. genre is not Podcast).

After fully listening to or changing the rating of a song, the playlist is updated, but not completly automatically. First you must listen to another playlist, then come back to your smart playlist, and you will find the playlist has been updated.

I have not had much success having a smart playlist (SM2)that is dependent on another smart playlist (SM1) for its content. In this example, SM1 will live update on the iPod, however, the SM2 needs to be synced to iTunes in order to upate.

I would love to hear experiences with other versions of the iPod

by crashcane on Mar 31, 05 | 8:30 pm

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