Running out of space?

My problem is that my PC is running out of space and I still need to import my 5gb worth of cd's, every time that I delete songs from my PC to free up memory and then start adding more when I update my iPod it clears the original songs, is ther any way around this other than buying a new hard drive or backing up my songs,

This may bee a stupid question as I am new to this, but it seems stupid to me that you have to have songs on your PC using your memory and also on your iPod.

Thanks in advance


by redroy on Mar 04, 05 | 7:30 am


That's the way iTunes works. You have a master library on your computer and simply sync your iPod occasionally.

That said, you can move all your files to the iPod and remove from your computer if you manage your songs in manual mode. Go to the iPod prefs in iTunes to set this paramenter.

This will make your iPod relatively independent of your computer and you'll need to manually drag songs and playlists to your 'pod in the source list.

by dfbills on Apr 07, 05 | 12:25 pm

I recently moved all my iTunes to an external drive. As long as you tell iTunes where you've moved it (Preferences > Advanced >iTunes folder location) it works perfectly well.

by hawkwood on Oct 01, 05 | 10:46 am

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