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This is pretty obvious, but still fun. You can turn your regular hard-drive iPod into an iPod shuffle.

First, make a up a smart playlist called Non-shuffle; you'll need one criterion for each kind of track you don't want to show up on your fake shuffle, such as > Genre > Is > Spoken Word and > Genre > Is > Christmas and such. (This playlist is actually a very handy thing to have for making other playlists out of.)

Then create a new smart playlist called ^ iPod shuffle. (The symbol ^, which is Shift-6, puts the playlist at the very top of the Source window in iTunes and also at the top of your iPod's list.) The criteria will be "> Playlist > Is not > Non-shuffle" and then "Limit to > 1000 > MB selected by > random".

It doesn't really Autofill: once in a while, you'll have to empty out the playlist in iTunes and let it refill. But otherwise it's a pretty good way to mimic the shuffle with a regular iPod. Sticking a post-it note over the screen is optional.

dfbills adds: priceless ;)

by pyramus on Jan 20 | 1:48 pm


Yeah, I'm adding a comment to my own post.

genEric's addition to jjunker's post (just after this one) is the perfect way to add Autofill to the fake iPod shuffle. Just add "Last Played > Is not in the last > 1 > days" to your list of criteria for the active playlist, and you're all set; you'll automatically update, so you aren't listening to the same songs over and over again. Very clever.

I find I'm using the fake-shuffle playlist all the time these days, because it's nice not having any idea what's coming next. Adding jjunker's/genEric's autofill idea is the icing on the cake.

by pyramus on Feb 11 | 9:07 am

This is brilliant - - thanks! Provides a welcome, "random" alternative to Smart Playlists that are somewhat predictable due to their defined characteristics (e.g., music type, BPM, ratings, etc.).

by Scott on Feb 15 | 10:39 am

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