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This may have been suggested before, but I couldn't find it...

I've just created a few SmartPlaylists to achieve the following:

To have a playlist of selected songs, and the list automatically "kick out" the songs after they play once, regardless of Play Count.

What I did:

Create the playlist of songs you want - be it dynamically, or manually.
Give it a name.

Create 2 SmartPlaylist with the following perameters:

First Playlist:
Last Played > Is > Today's Date

I named mine "Played Today"

THEN Second Playlist

Playlist > Is > 
(name of Playlist you created with your selected music in it)

Playlist > Is NOT > "Played Today"

Give this one a name and play! Watch the songs disappear after they've played!

If there's a better way to achieve this, I'm open to suggestions!

by jjunker on Jan 19 | 10:18 am


Well there's no need to be referencing other playlists for this. I suppose if you do not want to copy out the criteria from an old playlist onto another one, then this would be easier, but you could combine all those feilds by saying the regular criteria of one playlist and adding to it "Last Played > Is Not > Today"
Also you may want to change it to "Last Played > Is Not In The Last > 1 > Day"
That way if you were listening to music around midnight it wouldn't screw things up...

by genEric on Feb 10 | 7:08 pm

Unfortunately, even though this works in iTunes, it does not work on the iPod. If one smart playlist references another on the iPod, it will not use any other criteria when updating. This is very unfortunate. I hope Apple fixes this very soon.

by Kerry Sanders on May 09 | 2:45 am

It seems that SoftwareUpdate 2005-06-26 completely removes/breaks the auto-updating of Smart Playlists on the iPod itself:

Now, simple playlists with time-based criteria like "Last Played -> is not in the last -> XX" do not remove played tracks from the playlist anymore!

This is really very bad, seems like instead of fixing the various issues with auto-updating SPLs on the iPod (playlists referencing each other), they just removed this feature...

What is strange is that <http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61686> denies that auto-update on the iPod ever worked. I can not recall having read this so clearly before.

by Palmin on Jun 29 | 8:37 am

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