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 Song Name > contains > ?

This will give you all the songs where the artist is asking you a question. It makes you think - good fun when you are in the right mood for it!

by IGinger on Jan 17 | 8:00 am


Thanks, I got a great playlist when I did this - how else could I have gotten Billie Holliday (Loverman (Oh, Where Can You Be?)) and The Streets (What is he thinking?) on the same list......

by BevG on Feb 20 | 3:51 pm

This sounds like a really great idea. Only one problem for me, i guess my artists aren't very curious, i only got 5 songs in my smart playlist. :)

by gorbadiron on Mar 11 | 8:57 pm

Cool. I got 10 songs asking me questions. Pieces of a Dream asks, "How Do Keep the Music Playing?" and answer, iTunes. Urban Knights ask, "Do You Still Think About Me?" and I say yes everytime I play you. And Ice Cube asks "What Can I Do?" and I say keep being positive! Oh well, enough. Thanks for this one.

by Bakari on Apr 30 | 11:43 pm

Hint: Before using this playlist, type a capital letter "W" into the search bar and take a look. I noticed a bunch of "Who," "Why," "What," etc.-titled songs that needed question marks added to the song title field so they'd show up. Example:

Before: "Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys"
After: "Wouldn't It Be Nice? - Beach Boys"

by nyorker on May 05 | 2:33 am

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