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So, not having an iPod, but having a huge library, I like to have mix cd's in the car. When I can, I like to make them so they flow just fine. However, lately I've been letting iTunes do it so I get a fresh approach. This is the smart playlist solution I've come up with for doing 'genre mixes' with my favorite songs:

Playlist #1:
Genre -> is -> Rock
My Rating -> Is greater than -> ***
Limit to -> 77 -> Minutes -> Selected by -> Random

Name this playlist: "CD Rock Mix 1"

That's all well & good, but when I want to make another Random Rock CD & I do not want any of the songs from the first mix, I do this:

Playlist #2:
Playlist -> is not -> CD Rock Mix 1
Genre -> is -> Rock
My Rating -> Is greater than -> ***
Limit to -> 77 -> Minutes -> Selected by -> Random

Name this: "CD Rock Mix 2"

This way, I can continue to make mixes in the Rock genre that will not have the same songs in them. Each time I make a new playlist, I just be sure to select "Playlist is not..." and include all the other playlists.

by healy on Jan 09 | 11:14 am


An easier way, which I used when participating in a music share:

Add a rule to the original playlist:
Playlist - is not - CD Rock Mix Burned

Then create a dummy playlist entitled CD Rock Mix Burned, and drag songs that have alerady been burned into it. This will kick the fist 77 minutes of songs that qualify for the first playlist off, and rally the next 77 minutes.

I used this for a music share I participated in, and the only thing that was a PITA was marking the songs that I wanted to include on the share, as it wasn't as simple as genre. But this way you don't end up with a dozen playlists, "CD Rock Mix 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..." You don't need the playlist once it's burned anyhow, you've got it on a CD.

by mbft on Jan 26 | 4:14 pm

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