Problems with 'Play Count' ?

I just noticed last week that songs played on my iPod are not being tagged in the 'last played' column. As well, all my playlists have a rule:

'Last played is not in the last 1 week'

...which ensures I'm listening to different tracks all the time. However, the rule itself seems to be ignored and none of the songs are being removed from the playlists.... Song played in iTunes are being tagged as 'last played' and also being removed from the playlists but this is not translating to my iPod even after synching it...

I've tried to reset the iPod as well as re-installing the latest firmware but this has not resolved anything.

Has anybody had this issue? Any advice on how to get this corrected? I'm a stat freak and this is really frustrating...

Thanks to anyone who can help!

by rolo on Dec 26, 04 | 4:41 pm


I think I'm seeing the same thing, on a 4th gen iPod, even after it's been freshly formatted and restored.

I have a playlist of 'play count = 0' tracks, and even after playing it, the same tracks are still in there. In other words, the playlists aren't being updated as they should be.

I have another playlist for 'date added is in the last 7 days', and the tracks in this playlist never seem to change either.

by ilcron on Jan 09, 05 | 3:21 pm

Im having the same problem

I have smart Playlists like "not recently Played" which has everything that i havn't listened to in the last 2 months which is great cause i get chance to listen stuff that i have forgotten about !!!

but its recently started to not update the last played.

so ill be out and about listening to my playlist when i go home and dock my ipod it should update all the songs i have listed to and take them out of the "not recently played" and also put them in the " recently Played" but its just not updating the last played time and date...

I am aware that if you skip the song then it doenst count it and that it has to be live updating...but i know about that but there has been times when i have been on at work for inventry and i've set up a manual playlist and played it all the way through then when i dock my ipod i look at the recently played and it has gaps in the times of a an hour where nothing was played but i know that it was constantly playing...

so why is it updating some of the dates but not others...

Ive posted on Apple discussions but with no help...

This didnt happen with my old 3rd gen 40gig but ive updated to iPod Photo and it was only after a while that i have noticed

by C Bamber on Jan 19, 05 | 1:48 pm

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