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Smart Playlists
Don't forget that you can use the "Comments" section of a song's info for your Smart Playlist.

For instance, I have a playlist for songs to load up the iPod when going on long trips in the van with the family (I use iTrip to play the iPod over my van's stereo).

Since there are songs in my library that I don't want my children to hear (songs by Body Count come immediately to mind) I put "badlanguage" in the comments field of those songs.

Then, I set the Smart Playlist to exclude songs with "badlanguage" in the comments field.

Obviously, you can extend this to anything you want.

by hondo77 on Oct 09 | 6:00 pm


Note that changes to the "comments" field in iTunes do not always change the "date modified" field, and therefore the changes to the comments field may not be synced to the iPod. I have to periodically clear and reload all of my songs to make sure that these changes carry through.

I chose "PMRC" as my bad word keyword, and also use "allrock" and "xclud" as comment keywords.

by thenightfly42 on Oct 13 | 11:23 am

Is it possible to create a playlist within a playlist, i.e. like folders within folders

by Ramanathan on Jan 12 | 1:36 pm

Not yet-

by dfbills on Jan 12 | 8:45 pm

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