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This it just a little tidbit of info that might be kind of self evident to some of you out there, but i tend to find rather useful, so why not share?

I remember there being a debate about whether or not iPods have live updating- I believe the conclusion of that discussion was that they do, but it is sometimes constricted when playlists use each other (which is all of my playlists...)

So the problem which needed solving was having playlists i already heard on a different playlist showing up on another playlist when i switch (this is all happening in between syncs by the way)
My solution to this was to make one of my main playlists, fresh (very similar to KPOD) include a

Playlist -> Is Not -> Genre Mix

(Genre Mix is my other main playlist)
This took care of those two, and then i used all my genre specific playlists, rock, classical, jazz, funk, etc. have

Playlist -> Is Not -> Genre Mix
Playlist -> Is Not -> Fresh

to keep those staying different from the rest of the pack.

by genEric on Jan 15 | 8:00 am


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