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Smart Playlists
If, like myself, you have many different genres of music on itunes, but are sick or hearing only 1 or 2 of ur largest genres all the time, this playlist creates an even mix of all your genres
1st, create one playlist for each genre which would look something as follows:

genre -> is -> rock
last played -> is not in the last -> 8 weeks
my rating -> is greater than -> 2 stars
limit to 20 songs
live updating

i name all of these Z-G-Rock; the Z to bring it to the bottom, the G to signify which master playlist this relates to (genre) and rock to tell me more info.
after making one of these for each genre, sumtimes with slight modifications depending on the number of songs you may have for that genre, i created the master playlist from all of these like this:

Match Any of the following conditions
Playlist -> is -> Z-G-Rock
Playlist -> is -> Z-G-Techno
Playlist -> is -> Acid Jazz
Playlist -> is -> Funk

and so on...

by genEric on Dec 01 | 12:44 pm


hey, if i have a mixed cd that i want to put on my ipod, how do i do that without having any pauses between tracks? so the music flows like the original cd.

by ratch333 on Jan 04 | 11:11 am

how long is the ipod battery life? are there other batteries out there 2 purchase for a longer lifespan?

by ratch333 on Jan 04 | 11:49 am

Current models are around 10 hrs- you can buy booster packs for up to 100 hrs

by dfbills on Jan 04 | 10:30 pm

how do you name your ipod? how do you get it to show its name on the ipod screen? Can you rename it? Or once you name it, its a done deal?

by ratch333 on Jan 05 | 7:42 pm

for whatever reason, im not getting no where near close to 10 hrs. I wonder what i can do? any suggestions? i let the pod sit on the charger 4 days b4 i used it!!! i think im gettin roughly 1-2 b4 the indicator is at the half battery life mark!!

by ratch333 on Jan 06 | 6:46 pm

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