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As a big-time movie nut, I have a fairly large soundtrack collection, which becomes even more fun by mixing it up on my iPod. A smart playlist that auto-selects tracks with genre set to 'Soundtrack' is therefore obvious. But in order to make movie music time even more fun and surprising, I've added a 'movie' tag to the Comments field for tracks from other CDs (pop, rock, folk, classical) that feature prominently in movies: everything from Simon & Garfunkel's 'Mrs. Robinson' to Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue'. I've also given 'movie' tags to the tracks from concert CD's that were also well-known films (such as Woodstock, The Last Waltz, Stop Making Sense). Therefore:

Match any of the following components:
Genre is Soundtrack
Comment contains movie
Live updating (on)

It's movie time! Enjoy.

by Dr. Strangelove on Dec 07 | 8:00 am


I used to use the genre "Soundtrack" until I realised that I was missing out on a great number of blues, jazz, electronic, rock, hard rock, etc. tracks in playlists that looked for these genres in the genre tag. This led to the realisation that "Soundtrack" isn't really a genre. It's a convenient method of finding music that was used on a soundtrack but the music has it's own genre. This is particularly evident on soundtracks comprising a disparate collection of songs, eg. "Bridget Jones's Diary".

The answer? Tag every soundtrack song with its real genre instead and use the keyword "soundtrack" in the Comments field. I've got a playlist that looks for this keyword to yield soundtrack songs.

I like your idea of tagging songs from albums that you know were used in movies.

by japester on Dec 17 | 9:55 pm

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