Random, Rated, and Even-handed

Smart Playlists
Problem: with over 250 albums on my first iPod, I'm constantly sifting though my songs for gems I've forgotten or never really listened to. I have a "Rated" play list, which grabs all star-rated tracks, excluding non-popular music genres. I listen to this Rated smart playlist on shuffle, but coming back to this list time and again seems to over-play some songs while ignoring others.

Limit your "Rated" playlist to a bit less than the total play-time of the original list, chosen by Least-Frequently-Played.

My original list was about 17 hours long, so I trimmed it down to 15 hours with this setting. Now I'm no longer in danger of getting sick of some of my favorite, but over-played, tracks. Some of those tracks have been played twenty times or more, while the vast majority of rated songs have only gotten played 5 to 10 times.

Now, As I rate new songs, or un-rate songs I really didn't like that much, the playlist remains fresh, with over-played tracks taking a short hiatus while others get the spotlight.

by Robert on Oct 09 | 5:27 pm


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