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On a recent road trip a friend asked if I had any music by women. I realized I had no easy way to access any of it without drilling down into individual artists or albums.
So I created this...

I put a "@+" in the Comments field of all the music I had featuring a woman/women artists or that was composed by a woman/women.

The "@+" resembles the symbol for "female" on its side and yet is unlikely to be in the Comments field otherwise.

I now have several SPLs built around this idea.

Such as:

Women Rock
Match all:
Comment contains @+
Genre is Rock

101.5 KWOM
Playlist is 101.5 KPOD 
  (see the great SPL by that name here
    on SmartPlaylists.com)
Comment contains @+

(In fact I have more than 1400 songs by women, _not_ counting women who fronted great bands like Blondie, The Pretenders or Jefferson Airplane! Do I have any music by women? Indeed!)

by Crimson on Nov 14 | 1:05 am



This is great - - thank you! I've tried something like this in the past, but as a "drag-and-drop" playlist. Your way, with the SPL, is much better. . . .

- - Scott

by Scott on Nov 15 | 10:43 am

I have a full list of 'tags' that I put in the comment field, which I'll just add here in case it helps someone out.

Each starts with /y/, /-/, or /n/. This indicates either y: include in my all rock list; n: not rock, but include in my almost everything list; and n: never include in a random play list (for instance, books, Broadway, classical).

Other tags:
/x/: includes profanity
/c/: cover version
/f/: female singer
/power/: include in my high-power list
/polka/: Weird Al's polka medleys

As you can see, I'm too lazy to keep manual playlists up-to-date. But I can create great smart playlists by including and excluding certain tags.

by thenightfly42 on Nov 15 | 11:17 am

nice one lol ... and thanks for the KPOD shout-out! punk plus @+ equals KPMS? >:)

by nyorker on Nov 16 | 11:41 am

I've done the same, but I've been using larger tags [Female][Male][Instrumental][Group], etc. I'd love to hear what other tags people are using. Any reason to use the shorter tags other than ease of typing?

Also, I'm interested in how people are doing cross-genre songs...rock/pop, funk/soul, etc. Are you just picking one genre, using comments for the other, or expanding your genre list to include them all?

by Denrael on Nov 28 | 1:37 pm

Ease of typing means a lot to me as I have more than 6500 songs and am still adding and perfecting my tags. Additionally, "female" contains the word "male" and I wanted a way to keep it very simple when creating SPLs. I also believe that the size of the entry affects the ultimate size of the sound file, so I like to keep it to a minimum.

I use AllMusic's; genres exclusively.

Popular Genres
Avant-Garde; Bluegrass; Blues; Cajun; Celtic; Comedy; Country; Easy Listening; Electronica; Folk; Gospel; Jazz; Latin; New Age; R&B; Rap; Reggae; Rock; Soundtrack; Vocal; World

Classical Genres
Ballet; Band Music; Chamber Music; Choral Music; Concerto; Electronic/Avant-Garde/Minimalist Music; Film Music; Keyboard Music; Musical Theater; Opera; Orchestral Music; Symphony; Vocal Music

For "cross-genre" I use the Comments field. After picking the appropriate genre, I add the "styles" from AllMusic for a particular artist or album to iTunes' Comments field. So, I really have no "cross-genre" tunes with this method.

I too use "Instrumental." For instance I want to be able to sort out Leo Kottke's instrumental pieces from his vocals.

I also use Comments to add things such as the web address of songs I've downloaded, the name or initials of the person who gave me a specific CD as a gift, to indicate what songs I got free from iTMS, an ocassional note about a specific song. Stuff like that.

by Crimson on Nov 28 | 2:33 pm

AllMusic is amazing, thanks! I'm dreading tackling all my Genre again, but I like the idea of a consistant set and the use of styles/moods

by Denrael on Nov 28 | 2:52 pm

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