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A lot of times the mood hits me to play a certain song where I can remember the title but not the artist.

The scroll wheel works well, but if you have 5000 songs it gets pretty tedious going through the Browse>Songs to find a song somewhere in the middle of my collection.

The solution was to create smart lists that break up the songs into smaller lists by title.

i.e.: Title: ‘A,B,C’
- Auto update = Yes
- Title begins with 'A'
- or Title begins with 'B'
- or Title begins with 'C'

Rinse and Repeat for the rest of the alphabet.

Now when I want to pull up a song that starts with "L", instead of scrolling through 5000 songs, I just pull up my play list "L,M,N" and have only a handful to go through to find the song I want.

by statik on Dec 03 | 8:00 am


If you know the title of the song you're looking for, why not select the library and use the search field?



by Jeez on Dec 03 | 7:41 pm

Kim, I beleive he was talking about searching using his iPod, not on iTunes

by genEric on Dec 04 | 10:46 am

Sorry, I should of mentioned that. Yes, it is to make searching on my iPod easier. In iTunes I just type in the name or select the library like Kim said.

I've been very happy with the results. The only change I've done to the above is rename all the lists to "*Library (a-c)" so that they would be grouped together at the top of my playlists.

by statik on Dec 04 | 12:08 pm

I decided to also use this for browsing for Artists fatser too, very helpful, thank you Statik

by genEric on Dec 04 | 4:23 pm

By the way, on iTunes, you can just press the letter on your keyboard, and it jumps to the first artist alphabetically that begins with that letter (that is, if you have your playlist ordered by artist... if you have it ordered by Song Name, it'll go to that letter instead, obviously).

by Ryan on Dec 05 | 11:45 am

This is particularly critical if you use the new Alpine interface to the iPod in your car. The search mechanism is... cumbersome, so being able to scoot through your music this way is extremely helpful.

[ALPHA} A ... [ALPHA] Z for song names, and [ARTIST] A ... [ARTIST] Z for artists. I also do [DATE] 1940s, etc. to group by decade, and [GENRE] Rock, etc. to group by genre. Anything to help navigating through my music while on the road!

by Penguiny on Apr 19 | 11:15 pm

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