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I'd love to be able to update the YEAR field in iTunes by using on-line music databases like ALLMUSICGUIDE.com or Amazon, there is a great program called iART that uses Amazon to update the Album names and the embedded art files, but not the year the album was first released. I think it'd be great to be able to set up a Smart Playlist of all 70's rock tunes, or 80's rock without having to put use the genre field which most people seem to do.

Any one know of a way to do it?

by clrader on Oct 20, 04 | 8:00 am


I have no bright ideas for you, but I am adding this to say a heart felt, "me too." If anyone can shed light on easing this frustration, please speak up.

by RB3 on Oct 20, 04 | 11:56 am

In a series of rainy day projects I've gone and manually looked up the dates in allmusicguide.com and put them in.

On the bright side I get a chance to listen to the song for quality -- some of the tunes I've "acquired" several years ago might not be the best in terms of sound quality. I can also manually clean up the rest of the metadata and add the artwork.

The downside is it can be very time consuming. I've only managed to make it to artists beginning with J. But I am pretty religious about making sure the data is correct when I add new songs to my library.

Even when the year is in the ID3 tag, sometimes it is the year of publication which is worthless when making a smart playlist by decade. So I have to go into the AMG and find the original release date, not the date the compilation or "best of" CD came out.

I did find an Mac app that would go look in CDDB and/or AMG for the date [my google foo is not working right now so I can't find the name] but found it not incredibly accurate.

If someone has an easier solution I'd love to know. I have about 1,000 songs that need better year data.

by kirkh on Oct 23, 04 | 4:53 am

I hate to say that this probalby won't help either of you at the moment, but whenever I rip a CD into itunes, I enter all of the tags from AllMusic, and copy the Styles, Tones, and Moods into the Comments field. I then have smart playlists for different styles like "East Coast Rap" or "Singer/Songwriter". If you do it as you rip each CD the time is trivial. And it pays off handsomely when I have 10,000 mp3s.

Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed, and I lost all my mp3s that weren't on my iPod at the time, so i'm in the process of re-ripping over 500 CDs, NOT FUN!!!

Happy Tagging :)

by Mike C on Oct 25, 04 | 10:02 pm

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