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i have the kca-420i ipod interface so i can connect to my car stereo. it has bad general scrolling (faster scrolling of wheel does not scroll through list any faster!!)

to help with this, i am trying to setup smart playlists which divides up the alphabet, i.e. one for a-e, f-j, etc, for the artists name. i can then scroll within these.

i can do manual playlists, but will have to edit this each time i add new tunes. not ideal!!

is there a way to have a smart playlist do the same automatically for me?

many thanks,


by jingo_man on Oct 12, 04 | 4:03 pm


Create a smart playlist like so

Playlist A - E
*match ANY of the following:
*Artist 'starts with' A
*Artist 'starts with' B
*Artist 'starts with' C
*Artist 'starts with' D
*Artist 'starts with' E
and turn Live Updating On

I haven't tested it on the iPod, so you might need to add:
*Limit to *** songs selected by Artist. (where *** is more than the number of hits you get) to make sure it is in alphabetical order.

by assilem on Dec 03, 04 | 6:43 pm

I tried this, but for some reason my ipod is defaulting to browse by song name. The playlist is working because it's sorting it by artist name, however it's showing the song INSTEAD of the artist.

Is there a way I can force it to show it by Artist for this particular playlist? What I really want is another sub-click so once it shows the artist, you can click down into that and browse the songs by that artist.

by TrippyTom on Jan 30, 05 | 4:08 pm

Anyone have ideas on how TrippyTom can do this?

by Mowgli on May 21, 05 | 4:59 pm

Don't think it's possible, not without some sort of major hack to the firmware of the iPod. When this happened, I realized that my artist alphebetical playlist was useless and deleted them.

by genEric on May 23, 05 | 3:44 pm

Well, it would be ugly and it doesn't use a SP, but if you don't use the Genre tag you should be able to do it that way.

If the artist starts with A thru E set the genre to "A-E". When you browse by Genre, the next screen on the ipod lists the artists in alpha order.

Of course if you use the Genre tag meaningfully now that won't work, but you could always move your Genre's into the Grouping tag.

Just a thought.

by Ms. Ryen on May 25, 05 | 1:16 am

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